Serving the right wine with a meal can enhance the flavors of foods and make the dining experience more enjoyable. That's why we offer our customers a wide variety of wines

Traditionally seafood and white meat are served with white wines. Red wines compliment heartier foods such as red meat dishes

Right now our Sauvignon blancs are more popular than anything else. This is a white style of wine that has some very fruity overtones. And the Merlots are also popular because they are very drinkable and smooth.

Three popular regional wines right now in our wine department are Australian wines, South African wines and Chilean wines. We offer a wide variety of imported and domestic wines as well.



Organic wines are a good choice for those concerned about pesticides and sulfite levels.


All wine contains some amount of naturally occuring sulfites. Most wine, even some organic wines, contain added sulfites to preserve the wine however, we do carry some wines that are free of added sulfites. Read the labels carefully. Government labeling requirements state that if the wine contains more than 10 pm of sulfites, the label must state "contains sulfites" whether it is natural or added. In addition, wine without added sulfites may also show "no added sulfites" on the label.




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