The advantages of buying our bulk foods are, lower prices, the elimination of wasteful packaging, and quantity control -- you can scoop up as much or little as you like. When you buy items in bulk you are helping to cut back on the amount of waste generated by, for instance, cereal boxes. Feel free to bring in your own container and have the cashier weigh it so the weight will be written off at the register.


 Some of our best sellers are staple items like grains. We have eight varieties of rice and eight varieties of flour including white and brown rice flour for those who have gluten or wheat allergies.

About half of our products in the bulk department are organic and all products are free of artificial additives and preservatives. Even the fruit is unsulfured.

Popular with hikers and those who want to carry the most nutritious foods in the smallest space are our dried fruits, 20 varieties of nuts, and our 12 - 15 different kinds of granola.



Hikers, bicyclists, and other sports enthusiasts make their own trail mix. Typically they use soy splits (raw soybeans that have been split and roasted and are about 15 percent protein) and mix them with almonds, seeds and dried out fruit. Here you have a mixture that's already prepared, easy to eat, and it's packed with nutrition.

You can also find fresh ground peanut butter and local honey in our bulk department.




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