Talley's Green Grocery, founded in 1991 by Marc and Jyoti Friedland, is an independent natural foods supermarket located in the historic Dilworth section of Charlotte, North Carolina. As a natural foods supermarket, we provide a selection of foods free from artificial ingredients such as artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, artificial preservatives, added MSG and hydrogenated oils. Additionally, none of our personal care products have been tested on animals (they are cruelty free). Our produce department provides the widest selection of organic produce available. We provide the only source in Charlotte for certified organic, naturally raised, grain-fed beef, free from added antibiotics or hormones. Free range chicken is also featured, naturally raised and free from added antibiotics and hormones. Our cafe serves freshly prepared hot lunches from our own recipes as well as a full line of cold salads and freshly baked muffins and cookies. Talley's Green Grocery has been featured on Food TV and has won numerous awards in Charlotte for being the best natural foods store, best place to buy vitamins and supplements and best restaurant for vegetarians.


To provide natural and organic food products, dietary supplements and health and beauty aids with a commitment to reducing our adverse impact on the environment. To further this end, we provide information to educate the community on such topics as healthy cooking, the relationship between diet and health and related information about  healthy lifestyles.


                                        TALLEY'S PLEDGE TO OUR CUSTOMERS

    At Talley's, all our foods are free of synthetic preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Our foods are free of synthetic or artificial sweeteners.

Our foods are free of hydrogenated oils or cottonseed oil, though we do offer margarine as an alternative to butter.

All our meats and most of our dairy products come from animals raised without antibiotics, hormones or other growth-promoting drugs.

Our meats are free from nitrates and nitrites.

Our foods are never irradiated.

Our foods are organically grown and produced whenever possible.

Our products are not tested on animals.

Our foods contain no added MSG.


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