Our beer selection is one of the best in Charlotte. We have everything from expensive Belgium lambics to French country ales as well as varieties from the crispest lightest pilsner through the heaviest stout.

The number of our specialty beers is growing to meet the growth in popularity of beer, due partly to a broader trend in America of people spending more on upscale drinking and dining.

United States craft brewers, which today number in the hundreds, are producing more styles of beer than any other country, says a April 1997 Fortune article on beer. Britain, Germany and Belgium stick to a dozen or so brewing styles a piece.


Our goal is to create a diverse selection of beer from around the world without neglecting great domestic brews. To encourage people to try different styles of beer, we've posted descriptions next to the cold case of all the different styles of beer and what to expect in taste.


Beer is as food complimentary as wine in that you choose a different brew to match different foods or moods.




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