We offer a wide range of all natural frozen foods, many of which you can simply heat and serve. Healthy food can fit into your busy schedule. We have natural frozen breakfasts including pancakes, waffles, and organic frozen fruits as well as tasty frozen dinners that take only minutes in the microwave


Our selection of complete vegetarian meals include country dinners, vegetarian meat loaf and lasagna dinners. And if you want an alternative, we offer Indian, Oriental, Thai, and Moroccan foods for a bit of foreign flavor.


For the grilling season we have frozen vegetarian hot dogs and vegetarian burgers in a wide range of flavors. We also carry conventional preservative free hot dogs that have not been cured.


For a taste of Italy there is a wide selection of pizzas to choose from including pizzas made with conventional cheese and organic flour as well as pizzas with soy cheese and rice flour for those who may have dairy and wheat sensitivities.

We have a fairly large selection of breads for people who have sensitivities to wheat which include: rice bread, millet bread, and spelt bread. Yeast-free bread is also available for those with yeast sensitivities. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can find organic ice cream, frozen yogurt, popsicles, and rice based frozen desserts in our freezer section.

This is just a sample of the items available in Talley's frozen foods section. We offer many more items with new products being introduced regularly  



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