Our dairy section features the best milk in town. From Horizon we carry organic milk and cream. What makes this organic milk special is that the cows are raised without any drugs or added growth hormones. In addition, the cows are given feed which is also certified organic. Even the grass the cows eat has to be grown according to organic standards.



You will also find milk in returnable glass bottles, unhomogenized with the cream on the top from Natural by Nature. This milk, which is delivered fresh twice a week, is produced under strict guidelines which prohibit the use of added drugs or growth stimulants. To get milk any fresher than this, you would have to live on a farm.

Drinkable yogurt and regular yogurt can be found in a wide variety of flavors in our dairy case. For those with sensitivities to dairy, we carry fresh and powdered goat milk.

Actually, our dairy section should be called the dairy alternative section because most of the products there are dairy alternatives for vegetarian or vegan diets. From soy and rice drinks to a wide variety of cheese alternatives made from almond and tofu to macrobiotic flavors like miso and meat alternatives like vege dogs, tofu ground round and tempeh (cultured soy beans)


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