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We offer one of the widest selections of nutritional supplements, herbs and products in Charlotte.

Many of our nutritional supplements are hypo-allergenic, meaning they are made without the use of common allergens such as milk, wheat, corn, soy, eggs, and yeast. Our staff is very knowledgeable in health aids and nutrition and will assist in guiding you to the information you may need.


The principle behind homeopathy is called the Law of Similars, which says: a substance that can produce symptoms in a healthy person can cure the same combination of symptoms in a sick person. This type of remedy has essentially no toxic side effects. (It is advisable, however, to see a licensed homeopathic practitioner to prescribe the appropriate remedy, especially in cases where one is considering does of 1M and above.)

Bach Flower Essences are another popular and safe healing system in our supplement department. The 38 homeopathically prepared Flower Essences discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's represent a complete system of healing directed at the personality, mood, and emotional outlook of an individual. We have a questionnaire and guide available to help you choose your own personal formula.



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