Our fresh produce section includes a large variety of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs as well as conventionally grown produce.

flavor and quality, organic foods are being recognized as the best produce available. If you buy produce in season it's very likely that organic fruits and vegetables are fresh, which means you'll be getting the optimum nutritional value from these foods. A Rutgers University study demonstrates a higher mineral content in organic produce compared to commercially grown produce.


The advantage of choosing organic produce is that it is free of added pesticides and chemical residues. Some studies suggest that eating organic food is healthier since less toxins are introduced into the body. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin documented an impaired immune response in women living in houses where the drinking water contained high levels of pesticides, writers explain in the cover story of the June 1997 issue of the Nutrition Action Health letter. Chemical-free food is definitely an advantage, health wise, but organic food has environmental benefits as well. Organic farming improves the soil, conserves and does not contaminate our water supply, and encourages biodiversity.


Our organically grown fresh herbs add real zest and extra flavor to many dishes. If you have never seasoned your home-cooked recipes with fresh herbs you will definitely taste the difference by using herbs fresh from the farm.
Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. In order to do your own juicing there are a number of home juicers to choose from. We sell the Champion Juicer which scored high marks for extracting juice from produce with ease in a consumer guide test performed by Prevention magazine.  We also sell wheat grass juicers
We also do our own juicing and have fresh juices available most days.




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