Our meats are all naturally raised, which means there are no added hormones, preservatives, antibiotics or chemicals. We also offer a selection of certified organic beef.  The certified organic beef conforms to the USDA organic standards.

We offer a wide variety of meats including: beef and pork products, fish and seafood, ostrich, all-natural chicken and naturally raised turkey.
Customers who have tried our chicken and turkey often won't settle for anything else. These birds are drug-free and have no added hormones. It is the extra space given the bird while it's growing that makes the difference in meat texture. The meat has a different flavor than the regular supermarket variety due to what the birds eat. No fish, or animal by-products are used in the feeds of the birds sold at Talley's.


Larry Forgione, chef and owner of An American Place restaurant in New York City recommends naturally raised turkeys over any other kind. In an article in Fine Cooking magazine Larry Forgione says, "I think birds that have been organically or naturally fed and allowed to run free have cleaner flavor and are moister with juices, rather than with fat."


Our pork comes from all natural hogs and is minimally processed. Natural pork is leaner than regular pork and is free of growth stimulants and antibiotics. Our bacon is not cured but seasoned. All natural ingredients are used to create a unique taste and aroma.




Farm raised in South Dakota, our certified organic premium beef is rich in flavor and has very little external fat. The beef is raised free of drugs, chemicals and added growth stimulants. Also, no animal by-products are used in the feed.
Ostrich is finding a place on the family menu. Since ostrich had the flavor and texture of red meat it can be substituted in recipes that call for beef. Our ostriches are free-range and have 40% less fat than beef.
For a unique meat dish we can take special orders on wild game and fowl such as wild boar, bear, venison, partridges, pheasant, quail, and guinea hens.




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