Thank you for your interest in the "Talley's Green Card". You may obtain a "Green Card" by filling out an application in the store. The cards are available at no charge and can be issued instantly after filling out a short application form.

Please be assured that all the information, which you supply to us, is exclusively for the use of Talley's Green Grocery. We do not sell our customer information or make it available to any outside party. In addition, the information we gain by your use of the Green Card will help us to make our store work better for you.

Your Green Card will not only provide you with discounts on our specially priced items, but it will also serve as a way to identify yourself to the store when you pay for your purchases by check. Talley's Green Card holders will also be able to participate in various giveaways and other promotions. Be sure to put your Talley's Green Card on your key chain so you will always have it when you shop.

Please understand that without your address, telephone number and drivers license number we cannot issue pay by check privileges. Presentation of a North Carolina driver's license, South Carolina drivers license or NCDMV ID card is required at the time of application in order to receive pay by check privileges with the Talley's Green Card.


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