November, 2007



Kathryn Fish


   Both my husband and I agree that Talley’s is a grocery store with a small town feeling. We have a sense of community as we meander though the isles stopping to say hello to friends or waving to the friendly employees. It is a luxury to have Talley’s in the heart of Dilworth. I live in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood and am grateful have this family owned grocer just a few miles from my home. I truly don’t know what I would do without them.

   When I have a busy day, I take comfort in knowing that Talley’s offers hot reliable lunches. There is never a long line, so I can be finished with my healthy lunch in a short time frame. My favorite hot items are the soups. They usually have two delicious soups to choose from. But today when I walked in they had four or five to choose from.

   My favorite dessert item is Rian’s raw chocolate truffles. They are a heavenly treat. No, maybe it is his cherry cheesecake........no maybe it’s his........oh where do I stop! Thanks Rian and Jyoti. Another favorite thing about Talley’s for me is the fresh produce section. I love walking into the store and seeing the bountiful array of produce. I know it sounds funny but all the vibrant colors remind me of the flower markets in Spain.

   The employees of Talley’s are always eager to help you in any way they can. Whether you want to learn more about grass fed beef, understand the benefits of raw food., or to get exactly what you need in the vitamin department, Talley’s can do it all and has it all. You’ll probably end up making a friend in the process. Or at least you will meet someone that you will want to wave to the next time you stop in.

   To all my helpful, healthy and passionate friends at Talley’s, thanks for always being there for me!

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